History of Company

The Style Lyfe began as a vision and thought by CEO/Founder Empress Bey. Growing up with a modeling and dancing background, Empress has always had the heart and soul for all things art. Empress's inspiration to follow the family fashion pathway stemmed from her aunt Virginia who was a fashion designer. Having the experience of obstacles in life is what gave Empress the power to begin her journey to find self love, self confidence and create her signature style. 

Empress truly believes, that when you love yourself on the inside, the outside will reflect "the signature you". Self Love is a major principle The Style Lyfe utilizes to promote people to look and feel, polished, precise and eloquent. 

The Style Lyfe speaks to your inner confidence providing information, education, style tips and overall platform empowerment for everyday freedom to your signature style!

"Love yourself and stay ready, get styled so you aren't ordinary" - Empress Bey


Company Values = L.O.V.E.

Give Life: by truly knowing how you exist in this world as an individual

Take Opportunities: by realizing your positive circumstances that push you to truly go after what you want

Bee Virtuous: by making sure your character on the inside matches your posture on the outside

Provide Energy: by being the person who will walk in any room and change the atmosphere


Your self love plus your self confidence will equate to your signature style

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